What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient doctrine, based on a formulaic analysis of a person's date of birth along with an energetic interpretation of those formulas. Numerology offers a method to decipher energies and frequencies that are concealed in the numbers that comprise our birth date and the formulas that are derived from it. In fact, it enables us to translate these frequencies into personal characteristics, skills, occupations, living environments, couplings, births and the correct timing to take desirable steps.

Pythagoras, the ancient philosopher and mathematician who lived in the sixth century B.C. is considered the forefather of this doctrine. Pythagoras assumed that everything could be translated into numbers and that in fact, everything is the embodiment of a number or a numerical formula. He ascribed this to forces in nature, to different phenomena in the universe etc. Many ancient philosophers used the numerological doctrine to foresee future trends and events and even though the doctrine is attributed to the mystical-spiritual realm, and not considered a scientific field, it proves its accuracy and correctness as a relevant and practical method to this very day.

Think about this for a moment Chemistry, physics and other rules of nature present numbers and formulas as explanations of substantial things in the physical universe, such as the forces of nature [gravity, momentum, resistance and more], materials, compounds and chemical processes, "the golden ratio" in nature and more. In fact, that's exactly how numerology works as well, offering an interpretation to energetic channels and frequencies represented by the numbers in a person's birth date and name.

Kabbalistic Numerology

There are various numerological methods. The method that I use for reading, directing and counseling is "Kabbalistic Numerology". This method is modified to suit Judaic and Kabbalistic values [in general and not in accordance with one specific Kabbalistic trend], adds the Jewish birth date into the person's reading and interprets and directs different subjects in our life in accordance with these principles. However, Kabbalistic Numerology ascribes much significance to the person's name.

According to Judaism, a person's name is considered "the root of the soul". The name we were blessed with by our parents, through the power of the letters and gematric conversions, presents additional characteristics to our birth date, reference points in our life, and the direction of our ambitions. In addition, a person's destiny in this life and the correction (Tikun) he must perform therein is seen through his name and his parent's names. The destiny and correction are added to his fate, derived from his birth date, and together explicitly and accurately direct him in life.

"Everything is predetermined but there is freedom of choice"

We all contemplate questions throughout our lives. What's right, when is the best time to make a certain move, have we chosen correctly etc. Kabbalistic numerology examines the choices a person has made up until the present and dynamically directs him/her in his future decisions.

The key word here is "choice". Kabbalistic numerology is based on Rabbi Akiva's famous sentence: "Everything is predetermined but there is freedom of choice". According to the religious interpretation, we cannot understand the intentions of the Almighty Creator, who knows us and knows how we will act even if we are not aware of it ourselves. If you like, in an abstract sense, we will all ultimately fulfill our destiny in accordance with a master plan, but our route will be affected by the dynamic choices we make at every given moment. And so, even though it is possible to predict extremely significant aspects of our life, the daily path is hidden from us. [From a philosophical perspective this interpretation raises questions regarding the concept of choice, but we'll save that discussion for later]

The numerologist who tries to help a person by directing him towards his destiny cannot choose that person's path or journey for him, but can only shed light on the preferable direction and try to help him choose well at different junctions anticipated in his or her life. A person will carry out his choices in accordance with his own nature and the different circumstances and considerations. Often the environment and its pressure will overcome his will, oftentimes his fears and anxieties will take control in these cases, just as each coin has two sides, we can see how positive energies transform into negative energies, and his life will be filled with energy blocks and "problems" in his livelihood, relationship and even health. All events, both positive and negative, were meant to direct the person to fulfill his destiny in this life. In other words, the junctions, dates and different stations in life - they are all predictable. The only thing we don't know how to predict is what a person will choose at any given moment in his life [This is also a partial explanation for why two people who with an identical birthday may have completely different lives].

If you want, a basic example for this dynamic interpretation is the choice which a man can make if his numbers show law and uniforms. A legitimate and positive choice would be, for example, to become a police officer or an army officer, but another possibility is to become a criminal and even spend some of his life behind bars. It's all part of a master plan that was intended for him. Obviously many things throughout this man's life will be suited to the specific choice he made, but overlooking aspects of morality and conscientiousness, both choices answer the definition of law and uniforms.

Alternatively, suppose this person chose to work in a field completely different from his fate [due to additional numerological influences, for example, occupations noted in his partner's fortune]. For example, he chooses to work in computers. A fateful network will operate in unique ways in order to rectify his life and encourage him to correct and realize his destiny. Therefore, it is possible that he will barely make ends meet, or he may be fired from his workplace, not enjoy his occupation and may even become embroiled with the legal authorities [legal lawsuits etc]. When he arrives for counseling and complains about difficulties making ends meet, dissatisfaction or legal problems, he will be able to see, through a numerological interpretation, how his choice affected his life and what corrections he must make.

One last thing

In our life, the hidden surpasses the known. There are many doctrines and methods that try to alleviate man's path and help him deal with the unknown. Everyone chooses his own faith, interpretations and the tools that best suit him, to deal with this. I find kabbalistic numerology fascinating, and particularly accurate in relation to the events of my life, the lives of my relatives and the lives of my clients. This tool is amazing in its potency to predict and assess what is to come and the best way to deal uncertainty in life. I warmly recommend it!