Personal Consultations

A personal consultation is based on the customer's personal reading, and it provides a survey of the client's personal and behavioral characteristics, professional guidance, reference to central junctions and events from the past, present and future, and an examination of relevant timings for different actions.

Amongst the subjects raised: timing and compatibility of relationships, the timing of pregnancies and birth, the timing for apartment relocation, signing contracts, choosing a profession and occupation, changing a place of work, potential for success when opening a business, entering a partnership, options for success abroad and more

The numerological reading is prepared in advance before the meeting, and is based on personal data [the full names and birthdates of the client and her/his family members], transferred by the client via mail or fax. The meeting itself is intended for an examination of the reading, consultation and directing as well as to answer the client's questions.

Choosing a name for a newborn

According to kabbalistic numerology, a person's name is considered the "root of the soul" and has extreme significance in terms of his personal characteristics, skills and potential in life. Through your baby's name, you can offer him/her a set of tools and traits that will help him/her realize the full potential embedded in his/her date of birth.

The reading examines the potential names considered by the parents using different tests, such as harmony, destiny and correction, missing tools and traits, balancing tools and traits etc, and helps parents sift through and choose the preferred name.

Since the first days after the birth are very happy and exciting, but also extremely busy and tiring for the parents, the data can be transferred through mail or fax, and a written reading can be received without the necessity of a meeting. [The new father, or one of the family members can bring the reading home, while the new mother is welcome to speak with me on the phone for any question and clarification she needs]

Business Consultation

A large portion of our decisions in life relate to our place of work if we are managers or to our private business if we are self-employed. Which of us has not faced an important decision and had doubts - is this the best time to make this decision? Is this the right decision? What will be the decision's repercussions? Are we doing the right thing?, etc.
A wrong decision from a business perspective may have serious implications in terms of our career and livelihood and we won't always get a second chance

Business consultations are intended for every subject related to the workplace - whether a manager, employee or self-employed, and assist in making decisions such as: the best timing to sign a contract, advisability and timing in employing or firing employees, solving personal problems with employees, timing for a promotion, a raise request, business opportunities, dates for vacations, transitioning to self-employment, bringing partners into the business, business location, auspicious dates for opening a business, choosing a name for a business, opportunities for success abroad and more

The consultations are intended for CEO's, managers and private business owners and for anyone who is considering important business decisions.

Consultations for Personnel Placement

You've advertized, sent applicants to compatibility tests, held endless interviews, chosen the applicant you prefer and employed him, taught him the job and invested in professional training. Just as everything appeared to have fallen into place and you seemed to have found your "employee of the year" you suddenly find out that you were wrong. There is an incompatibility, difficulty acclimatizing, personal problems, low performance, lack of motivation, the employee leaves etc. All these factors have serious implications in terms of time and monetary resources.

Many organizations and businesses recruit workers through test results and/or job interviews that offer only a very basic acquaintance with the candidate and very specific information regarding his capabilities and personality. This information lacks a very important perspective which numerology supplies. For example:

The candidate's personal timing, which may not be suitable for a new job

Personal traits concealed in his birth date and name that may affect his functioning and compatibility with the specific work

His purpose in this life, which may not be compatible with the relevant occupation, and more.

If you find the situation familiar and you feel that you've already wasted too many resources on recruiting manpower the conventional way, a numerological consultation for job placement may be able to assist you next time. The candidate's numerological characterization will give you additional and even surprising data on him as well as a set of specific recommendations for each candidate.