Matty Sternberg, born 1968, Kabbalistic numerologist.

In the past, as I have always had a realistic and practical attitude to life, and after completing my studies towards a master's degree in business administration, I worked in banking and real estate in various advisory and management capacities. These fields taught me a lot about the way the business world operates, although they didn't approach the human and spiritual dimension. At some point I understood that I need to work with people and find the best way to use my abilities and skills to help them in their lives.

The process of change began a decade ago, starting when I turned to financial consultancy for families. I helped families manage their housekeeping budget and become debt-free but still felt that I had the ability to do more.

After a process that involved both studying and training, I crossed over to business coaching [which was then a new and unfamiliar process in Israel] which allowed me to help people make the best of their abilities and workplace. This choice suited me very well and I worked in this field with great success and pleasure for seven years.

However, I felt that the process was not yet over. There was still something missing for the spirit and soul.
Until I discovered numerology - and fell in love!

This field combines both the spiritual and the practical in life, and it pulled me in like a magnet. Following another learning period and a long "internship" on all of my friends and acquaintances - I set out on a new path.

As far as I'm concerned, the metamorphosis that I went through in my career in order to make the most of my abilities is a natural evolutionary process, during which I found the way to realize my purpose in life. Some of us are able to achieve realization early in life, and some need to go through a decade or two

I'm here to show, instruct, direct and help you focus on realizing the full potential embedded in your life.

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